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Ice hockey on Neusiedler See

After more than a week of freezing cold in February the lakes froze well enough to pick up longer wooden sticks, get skates on our feet and sit to the cars, heading to Neusiedler See. The drives got into the skates just by the lake. We found a nice spot to play, divided the teams according to the abilities and started a well over 90 min long match. The score was unknown even at the end. What is more important, all the players, and even the fans that came with, enjoyed the game!


Tag der Sieger!

Heute haben die Bandidos 2 Spiele gewonnen, sich auch von brenzligen Situationen nicht unterkriegen lassen und Herz bewiesen. Nach einem klaren Sieg gegen die Skorpions, gab es einen 3:2 Sieg gegen den anderen Wiener Verein..das 3. Spiel in dem 1 Tor den Unterschied gemacht hat - endlich zu unseren Gunsten. BRAVO BANDIDOS


3rd Place!

At this week's Smallfield Championships in Vienna, the team InneBandidos played well and scored loads of goals in style! Though some key players were not available for this tournament, the participating squad made this a great experience for all of us. The InneBandidos were the only non-SuWFV team, which shows once more the important role as prime source of diversity within the viennese floorballscene. Thanks to all participating players!